komzept – your partner for communication, concepts and coaching in Basel!

Do you want to be heard, seen or registered? What do you have to say? Or is there anything you want to write? Are there questions you need answers to, things about yourself or your home that you want to change, or do you just need someone to talk to? I am here to listen to you, support and work with you on your goals.

If you are looking for a change in your life, some answers or a new direction or you need someone to help you speak out or reorganize a part of your life, then call or email me. I can support you with the right questions to work on a clear concept to achieve what you want and need.

As a former journalist, communications consultant and lecturer for communications, I offer the whole range of communication tools: concepts, texts, presentation techniques etc. As a NPO-consultant and coach, I try to find simple and effective solutions with maximum effect. Together we will find a solution and reach your aim.

My offer:

Listening, asking questions, find solutions

Talking, coaching, presenting

Concepts for all parts of life

Clean out, decluttering, organize

My goal:

Support you on your way to personal success!